Parametric Tests for PCB and Electronic products

Elemaster offers different testing solutions to guarantee customers the full functionality of the products and maximum reliability over time.

We have the most advanced machines for In-Circuit Tests (ICT) using “Bed of Nails” and Flying Probe technology. Elemaster Test Engineering Team has extensive expertise in developing solutions for ICT testing on bed of nails platforms such as:

  • Keysight (Agilent)
  • Teradyne
  • GenRad
  • SPEA

and on Flying Probe platforms:

  • Spea 4040
  • Spea 4050
  • Spea 4060

The process is integrated with On-Board and Boundary Scan programming steps to ensure the highest quality of the production output.

The Boundary Scan test can be performed using different approaches:

  • Embedded in the circuit test sequence
  • Standalone via XJTAG platform
  • Embedded in the functional test sequence


Testing solutions provided by Elemaster are resumed in the table below:

Parametric Testing (ICT) with flying probe Low cost approach for low/mid volumes products manufacturing – electrical defects identification 4/6 probes flying probe testers from Spea (4040/4060)
Parametric Testing (ICT) with bed of nails Medium to High volume complex products manufacturing – electrical/functional defects identification Spea (Unitest/Easytest/3030)
Agilent 3070
Teradyne Spectrum/1240
Genrad 22xx
High Voltage testing (Safety) Regulatory validation (e.g. CE, UL, CSA requirements) Custom test benches with ABAG instrumentations
Cable-scan testing Complex racks and backplanes testing Different solution from WEEE for low /high voltage testing
Run In / Burn in testing Design validation and reliability testing High transient chambers (+/- 20 °C/min) from -40 to +90 °C and walk in chambers