Wiring Production and Assembly

Elemaster has a division, located in the factory in Romania, dedicated to the production of wiring harnesses.

Our production offers a unique combination of manual and automatic wiring assembly solutions for various sectors, from industrial automation to railways, and a production range ranging from prototyping complex wiring harnesses to high volume series management. Our design expertise enables the best combination of cost/quality for our OEM customers.

Elemaster can provide a wide range of manufacturing processes ranging from cutting, stripping and/or sheathing of cables, crimping, connecting, marking with various systems including inkjet marking, to small and medium sized mechanical assembly and specific packaging for every need. The 100% control of the production through functional tests (also in high voltage) both automatic and manual guarantees high quality standards.

In particular, in addition to ISO 9001 and UL E344432 certification, the wiring production follows the international IPC/WHMA-A- 620 standards, also thanks to an internal CIS (Certified IPC Specialist) trainer.

Our expertise and machinery offer:

  • Specialized consulting services during the NPI phase, with a view to continuous improvement to minimize tooling costs and time-to-market (analysis of technical documentation and implementation of best practices, supply chain analysis and technological support).
  • High level of automation through automatic cutting, disassembly, crimping and cable stamping machines.
  • Wide range of semi-automated technologies for solid and braided copper cables, flat cables, coaxial cable and battery cable.
  • Product protection by sealing and resin coating technology for harsh environmental conditions
  • Complete wiring of racks and cabinets, thanks to a wide range of test systems available:
    • TSK
    • WEE 454 HV – 2,848 measuring points – 4,400 V DC – 3,200 V AC
  • Integration activities of complete systems, from fan-tray and control units for the printing industry to custom mechanics with dedicated electronics, control interfaces and connection cabling.

Our qualified operators are able to handle all types of signal, power supply, coaxial cables and HF.


Dedicated logistics

  • Cut
  • Stripping
  • Crimping
  • Print on cable
  • Resinding
  • Twisting
  • Cable harnesses
  • Testing on 100% of production