THT Assembly - PCB Pin Through Hole Technology

Elemaster assembles traditional PTH (Pin Through Hole) components using the latest generation of equipment in lead free and tin-lead technology.

The THT assembly divisions are equipped with automatic wave soldering machines and selective soldering machines in order to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the process. The “Lead Free” and “Leaded” products are managed on completely separate welding lines.
The manual insertion lines of THT components have two possible configurations:

  • MULTIPRODUCT FLEXIBLE, which provides for the management of different products in parallel, maximizing flexibility
  • CLASSIC IN LINE, which foresees the operators working in line with the welding machine in order to maximum the production output.

The PRESSFIT components are inserted by means of a press with adjustable force of pressure.
The experience accumulated over the decades allows the Elemaster team to constantly find innovative solutions for the challenges coming from THT soldering, such as the density of the components present on the board, the management of different types of PCBs in relation to the type of substrate and its thermal mass, the thickness of the PCB and assembly with tight mechanical tolerances. Elemaster also has a specialized team with decades of experience in assembly according to the IPC 610 Class 3 standards (in particular, for applications in the railway sector) and a team (ESA Certified) dedicated to the avionics and defense industry. Once completed, the boards are checked with the aid of an automatic optical control or visual microscopic inspection.


  • Preforming of components
  • Automatic insertion of THT components
  • Manual insertion of components with highly qualified operators
  • SnPb and Pbfree wave soldering
  • SnPb and Pbfree selective soldering
  • Manual rework welding on ESD benches by qualified personnel, IPC class 2 and 3, with the aid of digital soldering stations (multifunction, micro-welders, power welders, heating plates)
  • Assembly of Pressfit componentst

Process controls:

  • AOI
  • Visual Inspection