Printed circuit board (PCB) production

In Elemaster there is a division (Eleprint) specialized in the production of printed circuit boards.

The experience gained in over thirty years of activity guarantees constant technical support throughout the development of the work order and ensures quality and traceability for each batch of the production process.

Eleprint combines innovation and flexibility for any type of need, from rapid prototyping to series production.

The production of multilayer printed circuit boards for professional applications covers those with functional safety requirements (SIL), from rigid to flexible, rigid-flexible substrates with Kapton / Teflon, Mixed & Carrier to Low DK / Df, High TG and TD materials.

The company makes use of the most modern equipment available: the production lines are highly automated, in order to guarantee the highest level of competitiveness and make the production of the printed circuit board extremely fast, respecting the highest quality criteria.

The application of our products is present in the railway, medical, industrial automation, aerospace and defense markets.
All PCBs refer to the international standard IPC-A-600, class II or class III, as required.

Eleprint is certified ISO 9001:2015; IRIS ISO/TS 22163:2017; UL E135333.

To guarantee the best quality, an internal laboratory is available to carry out metallographic sections, chemical tests, thermo-mechanical analysis and electrical tests, as well as non-destructive tests for measuring the thickness of metals on the surface and in the holes.


  • Design or co-design and development of the master layout
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Mass production
  • Multilayer with High TG, Halogen free, CTI>250V and High Frequency materials
  • Printed circuit boards with copper and aluminium heatsink
  • Construction with impedance calculation and measurement
  • Blind and buried vias, HDI
  • Metallographic sections, laboratory certifications
  • ROHS finishes with chemical tin, chemical gold, HAL