Group financial results

The ownership of Elemaster is firmly in the hands of the Cogliati family, present in the company with the first and second generation.

Elemaster’s development strategy over the last ten years has led to excellent economic results. The trend of the main economic-financial indicators is constantly positive. From 2010 to date, turnover has grown at an annual growth rate of around 10%.

Elemaster has been characterized, throughout its existence, by a very low recourse to loan capital. We have always shown great attention to this aspect, crucial for a company that operates in a highly competitive sector sensitive to economic cycles, preferring to finance growth through the search for operational efficiency and the associated contraction of costs, rather than using capital of debt.
Elemaster has succeeded in achieving these results by maintaining its competitive positioning on the market, focusing on niches characterized by medium/small lots, high technological levels and high product customization.

Every year Elemaster allocates a significant part of the profits to investments in R&D, technological innovation of processes and managerial culture.

Below, Elemaster’s annual revenue and future forecasts: