Hardware and Software development for Electronic Products

The team of hardware designers consists of technical professionals who work in synergy with a team of software designers. It uses the latest technologies available on the market and deals with the development and constant updating of the product throughout its entire life cycle.

Elemaster can provide, among other things, the following services: description language of the VDHL hardware, FPGA, microcontrollers, microprocessors ranging from 4 to 64 bits.
The experience with latest generation packaging such as BGA, MicroBGA, combined with innovative engineering methods such as Concurrent Engineering, Hardware and Software Design Simulation, controlled EMC routing and Thermal Analysis calculation, allows Elemaster to create designs capable of efficient production. This allows Elemaster to deliver a competitive advantage to customers through cost-effective production.

Software engineering comes to life in firmware products. High level, object-oriented programming languages and graphic programming techniques are implemented to create standard software modules as a basis for future developments.
The Elemaster software application team works with customers to develop the products they want, assisting them throughout the development and updating process.

The team has the best EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools available, such as CAD, CAE and CAM systems. This allows Elemaster to meet the application requirements of Customers, in analog and digital design, power and RF developments.