Functional Tests for PCB and Electronic products

The functional tests are carried out using test systems supplied by customers or using the innovative Eletest platform developed by Elemaster Test Engineering Team, which guarantees maximum flexibility and a wide range of customization options according to the technical requirements.

The Eletest machines are located in all the Elemaster production facilities and allow having test data available at the Eletest Server of the Group headquarters. This model allows:

  • remote analysis and evaluation by the Corporate Test Engineering Team
  • download of the latest software releases remotely
  • technological transfer from one production facility to another quickly and efficiently

Eletest is developed on the National Instruments PXI HW platform and uses Labview software.

The hardware can be customized according to the needs of the customer. The machine has been designed to have a standard configuration that can be used on multiple products. From an analysis performed on products from various sectors ranging from automotive to medical, we can state that 85% of the HW and SW resources are common to many products and only 15% are customised according to the product.


The machine has the following resources:

  • 2 power supply channels 0-35V@1.4A/0-60V@0.8 A
  • 5 RS232 communication ports
  • 1 configurable RS485-RS422 communication port
  • 120 configurable digital I/O channels of 3.3V or 5V 1Mhz
  • 4 80Mhz digital counters
  • 34 Analog inputs +/- 20V @250Ks/s (16bit)
  • 4 Analog outputs +/-12V @833Ks/s (16bit)
  • 20 Optical channels for LED / LCD control (RGB/Intensity)
  • Onboard programming tool
  • Possibility of installing a label printer

Eletest is equipped with a Fixture base that allows contacting up to 480 points; in addition, in case of testing of bulky equipment or racks, it is possible to interface directly through wires.

The Engine Software that controls the machine performs the following saves at each testing section:

  • Database
  • Report Standard Elemaster CSV
  • Daily Machine log and Daily Operator log on USB Key
  • Report in HTML format

In the case of re-tests, the software shows the entire history of the board and allows the operator to enter the defects found in the event of repair.


  • Release into production of testing machines supplied by customers
  • Development of dedicated testing machines: Eletest