Startup accelerator - Electronic Technologies

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it” Thomas Alva Edison

Elemaster is a startup accelerator and a link between startups and multinational companies, following two very specific paradigms:

  1. EXPERIENCE AT THE SERVICE OF INNOVATION: Thanks to our structure, both physical and informatic, we act as a springboard for startups and SMEs, acting as a multiplier of resources, accelerator in terms of time to market and cross-fertilizator of skills deriving from the multi-sector experience of Elemaster. Finally, we set ourselves as a gateway to foreign markets: a production and logistics base in rapidly developing countries that represent interesting outlet areas for Italian creativity and technological innovation.
  2. INNOVATION AT THE SERVICE OF EXPERIENCE: In order to “inject” innovation to large companies that have consolidated products on the market, Elemaster acts as a link with the innovative startups.