Social Media Policy

Elemaster uses social media with the aim of informing and starting a dialogue with the users of the LinkedIn platforms related to the main activities, projects, initiatives and events promoted by the Company. Communications also include press releases, publications, news and notes where Elemaster participates directly or which are of interest for the company’s business.

Elemaster wants to ensure that all users a have positive and constructive browsing experience on its profiles.

For this reason, should a user’s comment, post or article on the Elemaster profiles:

  1. mention commercial products and/or of the electronic sector
  2. have contents (images, videos and links) that are vulgar, libellous, slanderous, offensive, violent, discriminatory or humiliating
  3. be defamatory, threatening, tolerant in terms of violence or illegal behaviour
  4. be off-topic and not in line with the purposes of the Elemaster channels
  5. contain personal information such as names, email addresses or telephone numbers
  6. violate copyrights or intellectual property rights
  7. have a commercial nature, such as sale of products and services, or be aimed at recruiting fans and followers
  8. be excessively repetitive and/or annoying for the community (“spam”)
  9. contain private, confidential or sensitive information
  10. violate LinkedIn’s User Agreement

it will be removed by the profile managers. 

Users who repeatedly violate the above rules over time may be blocked, banned from the community or reported to the supervisory bodies of the platform in use.


Moderating activities will always be active Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
However, in any case, all the comments, posts or articles potentially not in compliance with the community’s rules shall be reported to the Elemaster profile management team and moderated within 72 hours from being put online.

Official language of the page

Elemaster profiles are in English or Italian, therefore contents in another language may be removed or not receive a reply.


Elemaster uses third parties in the capacity of service providers (called “data processors” for the purposes of privacy legislation), to manage comments and messages. This means that these providers may have access to personal information that users want to share. Elemaster providers are contractually required to ensure adequate protection and security for the personal information.  LinkedIn has access to information that is shared on Elemaster profiles. For more information see the Elemaster’s Privacy policy and the specific pages of the individual platforms (LinkedIn Privacy Policy).


For additional information, contact us by clicking on the “Privacy” button and completing the form at the following link:

Thank you for your cooperation – welcome to the Elemaster page.