SMT Assembly - PCB Surface Mount Technology

The SMT production lines are a strategic asset for Elemaster, which every year invests in machinery, chosen among the most modern and sophisticated on the market, both in terms of organization and technical know-how, making use of personnel with extensive experience in production processes.

The assembly lines are capable of assembling BGA, ultra-fine pitch, LGA, QFN components and versatile for mounting on different types of substrates (FR4, Rogers, metal core aluminium, copper, duroyd, ceramic, CEM 1, and CEM 3).

Each phase of the SMT soldering process is monitored and validated by control instruments, by 3D Solder Paste Inspections that check the correct deposit of the solder paste to the 3D Automatic Optical Inspection, thus ensuring the quality of the solder joints and the correct positioning of the components.

Elemaster also relies on 3D X-RAY inspection machines to perform, on samples or on the entire the production, checks through cross-sectional images of solder balls.

BGA and microBGA rework can be performed by the ERSA rework stations located at the end of the SMT process. In order to facilitate the technological transfer processes, Elemaster has harmonized the configuration of the SMT lines and brands of the machines used in all the production plants.


  • Loader
  • Screen Print
  • 3D SPI
  • Pick and place
  • Convection oven: 10 top/10 bottom zones
  • 3D AOI


  • 3D X-RAY Machine
  • Automatic 3D X-RAY Machine
  • BGA Rework Station

Assembly of:

  • Chips till 01005
  • Melf
  • Tantale Case A B C D E P
  • Alu Cap < 10mm
  • All inductors
  • Mounting of BGA from 20 to 50 mm
  • Fine pitch 0,4 mm
  • POP: Package on Package

Process Controls:

  • 3D SPI
  • 3D AOI
  • 3D X-RAY