Conformal Coating & Potting for PCBs

Conformal coating is the process of applying a thin polymeric film which conforms to the contours of an electronic circuit, protecting the components against moisture, dust, chemicals and temperature extremes.

It is typically applied at a thickness between 25 and 250 μm. Each Elemaster production facility has a division entirely dedicated to painting and potting processes in temperature and humidity controlled environments.

Elemaster carries out the coating in two ways:

  • Manually, by expert operators using spray guns
  • Automatically, by robots for selective application

Elemaster is equipped with the latest technology for selective automatic coating made possible by the implementation of a large fleet of Nordson/Asymtec machines.
In order to meet the production needs of customers and sectors that have to comply with different technical requirements and standards, this division has been set up to deliver maximum flexibility through the use of both acrylic paints and silicone and polyurethane paints.
The production facilities also have departments dedicated to resin coating by means of automatic and semi-automatic machines.


  • Automatic deposition by means of selective robots (Nordson Asymtek)
  • High-precision dispensing heads
  • Use of acrylic, silicone and polyurethane paints
  • Automatic Optical Inspection for controlling the deposit of the coating
  • Potting by semi-automatic machines
  • Automatic dispensing system of the resin equipped with degassing unit
  • Fast drying using ovens