CAD-UL Electronic Services changes its name in ELEMASTER GERMANY

Elemaster is pleased to announce the completion of the process of integration of the historical German society CAD-UL Electronic Services, which from 1st January 2021 changed its name in ELEMASTER GERMANY.

This follows the acquisition of CAD-UL in 2016 by Elemaster, and is part of a process of “brand identity” which has involved all companies of Elemaster Group at global level, to have a unique and well identified image to leverage on the marketing, financial, technological, human and organisational resources and strenghs of the entire company.

Elemaster Germany is now fully part of this world, and by investing in additional engineering and production space, new equipments and additional qualified human resources, because of being part of the Elemaster Group, the society will further speed its growth, giving prestige to the whole Dach area.

Elemaster Germany