• Elemaster US – Duluth, GA


  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Job description:

  • Operate several different types of dispensing and coating machines to meet customer specifications. Interacts with staff members of the Conformal Coating area as well as other department personnel. Communicates with the Team Leader and Supervisor to obtain instructions, assistance, and to communicate concerns.

The duties include:

  • Mask and/or tape circuit boards in areas that are to be free of conformal coating or potting
  • Inspect assemblies to ensure proper coating coverage
  • Maintain the coating and dispensing machines to ensure proper operating condition
  • Maintain coating materials log to control FEFO. (First Expired / First Out)
  • Remove any excess coating and perform manual touch-up of any areas the coating machine may miss so boards maintain a consistent high quality
  • Transport racks of circuit boards from one destination to another to continue the manufacturing process
  • Maintain machines including changing the fluids and mixers and cleaning machines to ensure proper and efficient operation
  • Perform general housekeeping duties to provide a safe and clean working environment at all times
  • Knowledge of various materials used
  • Must complete applicable Specific Function Training courses
  • Additional tasks may be assigned by the supervisor to accommodate fluctuating production requirements

Needed Requirements:

  • 2 years’ experience in PCBA Conformal Coating environment
  • High school diploma or equivalent is required. Additionally, the employee must successfully complete all internal courses offered by the company necessary to do the job

Average age:

  • 18 – 65

Direct Supervisor:

  • Production Manager / Supervisor

Employment Type:

  • Full-time