Software Developer Elemaster Hauptsitz



  • Elemaster Headquarters Italy – Lomagna (LC)


  • IT Management

Job Description

The candidate will become the principal Application Integration Specialist and will collaborate with the rest of the IT Team on projects for companies of the Elemaster group.
He/She will focus on creating new connections between the main business applications (ERP, PLM, MES, WMS, DMS) and will put in place optimizations and monitoring solutions in order guarantee the correct information flows.
The candidate will also develop web applications and ETL solutions needed to cover special business requirements or to enable data exchange with B2B customers.
Daily collaboration on MES and ERP projects is also highly desirable.


  • Develop, improve and maintain application interfaces.
  • Create ETL solutions for business and customer needs.
  • Monitor and improve data quality.
  • Maintain interface related Databases and Tools.
  • Develop custom applications.
  • Collaborate on ERP and MES related projects.
  • Support the business on interface related issues.
  • Create Data Extractions for Business Intelligence needs.
  • Work on special algorithms for Data Analysis.


  • At least 3 years of experience as Developer or Data Analyst are required.
  • Programming languages: C#, Php, Python.
  • Database Systems: SqlServer, Oracle.
  • Experience with SOAP and REST webservices.
  • Experience with ERP and MES solutions is highly appreciated.
  • Apache Airflow is a plus.

Soft skills:

  • Used to working in a group.
  • Flexible and open in the relationship with colleagues.

Direct supervisor:

  • IT Manager.

Average Age:

  • 25 – 40.

Employment Type:

  • Full-time.