April 2 2021

Workshop: Open Innovation Academy

Elemaster is pleased to announce its participation at Open Innovation Academy, the workshop programme aimed at spreading the culture of Open Innovation in Italy. The webinar series is promoted by Assolombarda, InnovUp and Invitalia and combines open innovation theory and models with practical cases and expert insights. The subject of our meeting, to be held […]

March 25 2021


Elemaster is pleased to announce its recent membership to RoadJob, an important local non-profit association whose aim is to gather in a single network the companies of the Brianza, Lecco and Como areas, to add value to the fabric of society and put young people in contact with industry. Thanks to the help of managers, […]

March 23 2021

What is new product introduction process

What is new product introduction process and what does new product introduction mean? NPI stands for New Product Introduction and is the process that develops an idea from an initial working prototype to a completely refined and mass-reproducible final product.

March 22 2021

FLEEPtech’s Dose-counting Smart Label at OE-A Competition 2021

FLEEPtech, partner of Elemaster Group, with whom share a strong attitude towards innovation released, in the context of the OE-A Competition 2021, the prototype of a dose-counting smart label for metered-dose inhalers. A clear example of how technology could improve everyday life. To read the full press-release, click here

March 11 2021

New Elemaster Blog

Elemaster is pleased to announce the launch of the new Elemaster blog to stay update on electronics and innovation, with the aim of proposing articles from information for begginers to more technical topics.

February 17 2021

Different cultures, one goal

We have been working with our Customers since 1978. Together we have reached 4 continents worldwide.

February 16 2021

A new plant dedicated to prototypes and innovation

Elemaster is glad to announce the completation of its new building in North Italy, near Milan, started in 2020 and specialized in prototypes and innovation.

February 11 2021

What is PCB?

Characteristics of PCBDifferent types of PCBHow to make PCBWhat is the use of PCB – Commercial uses of PCBsWhy are PCB greenHow is PCB designedH3 Which software is best for PCB design