Webinar on November 25th 2021 at 15.00 CET: The future of Mechatronics

The future of Mechatronics: trends of electro-mechanical integration, from infinitely large to infinitely small

November 25th 2021 at 15.00 CET

The third and last webinar of the cycle of virtual events of this year organized by Elemaster Group in the name of technology is focused on turnkey solutions, which allow our company to face an increasingly demanding and unpredictable market with extreme flexibility. Elemaster guarantees the total customization of the service, from equipment to process layout up to the identification of the team of professionals, always supporting the Customers and covering a wide range of market needs, producing really complex devices from infinitely large to infinitely small, as we will see together with our valuable Customers during the event.

3nd Elemaster Webinar 2021: The future of Mechatronics