ELETTRONICA and Elemaster, training point for the future of young people

September will see the start of “Elettronica” at Istituto Viganò in Merate, the new training offer designed to meet the needs of technical professionals in the area.

A course of study concretely based on skills that can be spent on the job market, which as stated by the President and CEO Valentina Cogliati, is “the result of a close collaboration among companies, business associations and institutions, all of them convinced supporter of a long-term system project that feeds a new vitality and a new way of looking at the world of work”.

On the other hand, Elemaster Group Human Resources Manager Giuseppe Baldacchino added, “in more than forty years of company life, we have always been -and we continue to be- active in the territory and in the community, to promote a close synergy with schools and training, in order to foster a technical education system that is effectively oriented and fertile with regard to the profiles most demanded in the electronics industry. In our experience, we have directly and successfully employed many people from the world of education, both in production and in research and development areas, who have then made a brilliant path of development within our company, at international level, too“.