ROAD PE and Elemaster: training point for the future of young people

The collaboration between Elemaster Group and RoadJob, the non-profit association which promotes innovation and change for a new relationship between territory and industry, is still growing, this year too.
Monday 27th February, at Fondazione Clerici in Merate, will see the start of ROAD PE – Produzione Elettronica Academy, a free training of 250 hours to build and test electrical/electronic systems, which involves alternating hours in the classroom and in the laboratory, introducing students to the profession of electronic operator.
“A course of study concretely based on skills that can be spent on the job market, culminating in a company internship bringing young people closer to the world of industry, and the world of industry closer to the best selection of specially trained technicians” said Primo Mauri, the President of RoadJob
A course with certified trainers from Elemaster to introduce students to elements of technology, components, design, soldering, up to the construction and testing of electrical and electronic systems. A training which is “the result of a close collaboration among companies and local associations, to create a long-term system project that fosters a new way of looking at the world of work”, explains the Elemaster Group President and CEO Valentina Cogliati.
We therefore welcomed the Academy candidates to our Headquarters, and we were happy to lead them on a factory tour to discover the world of electronics!