Elemaster Group: ESG and Sustainability

ESG is not only an abbreviation standing for “Environmental, Social, Governance”, but a behavioural style that the Elemaster Group has always adopted since its foundation, as the company is fully committed to preserve the world we live in. This is the reason why Elemaster realised specific projects dedicated to energy saving and environmental protection, among which stands out the completion of the installation of a photovoltaic plant and the technological upgrade of the historic cogeneration plant at the Lomagna Headquarters, to ensure complete autonomy in terms of energy requirements.

“Maintaining a well-preserved and clean environment for future generations is a priority for the Elemaster Group” said Valentina Cogliati, Elemaster President & CEO “In fact, since its foundation our company is committed to protect the areas in which the plants are located, and to use available resources in an intelligent and responsible manner.”

“The Solar power plant installed in Lomagna is an example of responsible use of renewable energy” added Paolo Casiraghi, Chief Executive P.C. Project S.r.l. “a project that we are proud to have realized together”