Elemaster Shanghai, the Elemaster Group’s reply to international Customers’ request to produce local for local on the Chinese market, turned 10 years old!

A production plant located in Shanghai which replicates the processes and technology adopted by the Italian Headquarters, providing the same quality and efficiency in the production of PCBA and integrated systems.

A company that holds IRIS ISO/TS 2213:2017 certification for the Railways sector, ISO 9001:2015 for Industrial Systems and ISO 13485:2016 for Medical devices and quality management systems, to satisfy all your needs!

Together, we overcame last difficult years, faced pandemic and grew up, and the Elemaster Shanghai President Luca Ceppi took this opportunity to visit the factory after Covid, celebrating the occasion together with the General Manager Sergio Bonacina and all the local team!

Want to share with us this important milestone?

Find more information about Elemaster Shanghai here: https://www.elemaster.com/en/locations/elemaster-shanghai-en/