Dear Valued Customers, as has been widely reported in the news, the recent coronavirus pandemic

while frightening in its possible human impact – is also causing understandable concern in our industry relative to its impact on the supply chain. The impact of the corona virus on the production of Asian suppliers is not yet clear and quantifiable: the reopening of the factories has in China in fact been postponed until 10 February and the information is not yet definitive. According to that decision of the Chinese Government, our Shanghai plant is still closed and we are closely monitoring the situation, including any new requirements of the Authorities to protect the safety of people.

For purchase orders that you issued to our Shanghai company, we will notice you in the next few days any possible impact on delivery dates (if existing) and related suggested recovery measures. Moreover we will constantly update you about any further change of the actual situation.

For what concern supplies of components/materials from Chinese companies or global distributors, we maintain a continuous, robust communications with our suppliers: this partnership ensures that notification regarding any supply chain disruption which may negatively affect the flow of product to our customers is readily relayed through us to you.

Moreover, Elemaster has taken a pro-active approach toward verifying/maintaining supply chain integrity by launching an initiative to contact our vendor-base in an effort to confirm business continuity and/or the possible presence of any relative contingency plans regarding the supply of products coming out of affected regions of the world.

As we gain new information and identify any risks, be assured that any relative delay in product that could affect deliveries to your company will be communicated in the most expedient manner possible in an effort to minimize any associated impact and agree recovery solutions.

This is clearly a cause of force majeure that has taken the entire global supply chain by surprise. Elemaster ensures constant monitoring of the evolution of the situation to minimize the impact on normal operations.

If you need additional information, please contact us.

We express our closeness to all the people involved in this difficult situation and their families, in the hope that everything can be resolved in a short time by finding health and serenity.

Thank you for your cooperation.