Validation and Certification

Elemaster has its own certification and validation laboratory (Master Lab), certified and recognised by the DEKRA Group, a global and independent leader in testing and certification services.
Il The Master Lab operates within an international circuit of laboratories, participating and promoting training on issues such as EMC, Safety, Reliability.

The laboratory services include:

  • Definition of how to apply the directive to the product
  • Identification of harmonised technical standards to be applied
  • Execution of tests in the laboratory or at the customer’s facility
  • Issue of the test report, CE marking
  • Preparation of the Technical File
  • Advice on resolving any nonconformities
  • Management of approval practices
  • Voluntary certification of products
  • Regulatory update
The company’s ISO 9001:2008 and IRIS certification and the Dekra recognition ensure that all the laboratory instruments are subjected to periodic metrological checks and that the standards used are constantly updated.
The Master Lab also has a section dedicated entirely to the certification and validation of PCBs.

The laboratory tests include:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC, EMI, RFI)
  • Human Exposure Measurements
  • Highly Accelerated Life Tests
  • Safety tests
  • Environmental tests in climatic chamber
  • Reliability tests
  • IP tightness tests
  • Mechanical shock and vibration tests
  • 3D x-ray inspectio
  • Thermography
  • Chemical tests on PCBs
  • Thermomechanical analysis for PCBs
  • Electrical and electronic analysis for PCBs
  • Metallographic tests in two dimensions on PCBs