PCB Manufacturing


Elemaster has a division (Eleprint) specialised in the manufacturing of printed circuits, offering customers a complete service from the receipt of the Gerber file to the delivery of the PCB.

The experience acquired in thirty years of activity allows offering constant technical support during the entire work order and to guarantee absolute quality and traceability of every batch and production process.
Eleprint combines the innovation and flexibility needed to guarantee the right answer for any type of production requirement, from the production of samples within a few working days to the production of large volumes of printed circuit boards.

The production ranges from simple double-face PCBs to multi-layered PCBs (up to 24 layers), from professional applications to those with functional safety requirements (SIL), from rigid, flexible, rigid-flexible supports in Kapton/Teflon, Mixed & Carrier to Low DK / Df, High TG and TD materials.
The company uses the most modern and precise equipment for the production of PCBs: the production lines are highly automated in order to ensure the highest level of competitiveness and to make the creation of the printed circuit board extremely fast, while meeting the highest quality criteria, starting from the prototypes to mass production. Our products are widely applied in the railway, medical, industrial, aerospace and defence sectors.
All our PCBs are UL marked, and follow the international IPC A 600 H Class II and Class III standards and comply with the Fire Smoke certification.

Eleprint is also certified according to the ISO9001, ISO 13485-IRIS and ISO 1400 international standards.
In addition to guaranteeing the best quality at all times, we also have an in-house laboratory that carries out tests such as metallographic analysis, chemical tests, thermomechanical analysis and electric and electronic tests.


Our services

  • Design or co-design and development of the master layout
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Mass production
  • Laminates in FR4, high TG, Halogen free, CTI>250V
  • Multilayer with hybrid materials, up to 28 layers
  • Printed circuits with heat sink in copper and aluminium
  • Special materials for high frequency (PTFE, Rogers, RT/Duroid TM)
  • Controlled impedance (construction with impedance calculation and measure)
  • Blind and buried vias, HDI
  • Metallographic sections, laboratory certifications
  • ROHS finishes with chemical tin, chemical gold, HAL and Lead Free HAL
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