Industrial Development

Product Industrialisation is the fundamental link between the R&D and Production divisions.

Product industrialisation comes before the actual production and is a fundamental step as it highlights the real costs of the product and the way in which the different variables (construction technique, materials, finishes, etc.) can affect the final price.
Modifying a project during the industrialisations phase, if necessary, is much less expensive than changing a product that has already been constructed, or that is in the phase of production.

Industrialisation makes it possible to understand:

  • whether the level of automation that can be used for constructing the product is adequate for the cost of sale and the expected volumes
  • whether the qualitative output of the production will be in line with the expectations
  • what are the investments in dedicated tools for allowing an efficient and effective production

At Elemaster, the design takes into account not only the functional specifications, application context and product design, but also the possible construction technologies to be implemented in order to achieve them, so as to ensure the highest levels of service to the customer in terms of quality, on-time delivery and cost competitiveness. Process industrialisation inspired by lean methodologies and the most advanced production technologies allow Elemaster to minimise assembly costs and easily monitor industrial processes.