Box Build

Over the years, an increasing number of customers have turned to Elemaster to provide them with a turnkey service for the supply of completely assembled and tested products.

The “Fabless” strategy with complete outsourcing of the production to Elemaster allows our customers to focus their resources on R&D and marketing activities aimed at acquiring a slice of the market. Elemaster’s main goal is to offer its Customers with added value, and has arrived at extending its range of services to the complete supply of mechatronic systems. In addition to producing electronic boards and wiring harnesses, we independently manage the supply chain of custom-made mechanical parts in aluminium, plastic or die-cast magnesium, optical components, fluidic components, displays, motors, valves and anything else that contributes to assembling the finished product. The areas range from the creation of medical devices such as ultrasound scanners, robots for ocular retinography, robots for handling live blood cells and laser instruments for cosmetic and surgical procedures, to applications in the railway sector such as brake control units, Bogie Monitoring Systems, Passenger Information Systems and complete signalling cabinets, as well as industrial applications such as Battery Management Systems and latest generation collaborative robots. In this area, competence is flexibility intended as the ability to manufacture products for very different sector applications regarding the management of the different technologies involved and the standards required for each sector, and the different planning models. In view of such a variety of elements, in order to guarantee the best service for each customer, Elemaster has organised its mechatronics departments according to the “Work-Cell” model, or through the use of resources dedicated to each customer for total customisation of the service: dedicated areas and equipment, dedicated work teams including a Work-Cell Manager, planner, quality manager, line operators and technicians.


Our services

  • Internal production of electronic boards and wiring systems
  • Management of supply chain: displays, metal racks, plastic cases, magnesium chassis, custom packaging
  • Expertise in mechanics, mechatronics, fluidics, optics, photonics, physics and chemistry
  • Work-cell model for each customer
  • Testing of electromechanical subsets and finished products
  • Tests in climatic chamber of complete apparatuses
  • Cable scan on wired racks