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From an idea to the finished product: the Elemaster services guarantee the highest level of skills in every stage of the product’s life cycle, from development to the delivery of "turnkey" solutions.

Today Elemaster takes on the role of ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY PARTNER, supporting Customers along the entire value chain: from design to industrialization and certification of electronic equipment, from rapid prototyping to mass production, from the manufacturing of custom components (printed circuit boards and wiring harnesses) to electro-mechanical integration and supply of “turnkey” products, logistics and after-sales service.

Control over the entire production cycle not only allows directly controlling all the process phases, but also allows Elemaster’s customers to have a single point of contact for the entire value creation chain.

Each of the 6,000 different products (electronic boards, electromechanical subsets or finished products) produced by Elemaster each year is the result of a tailor-made technological solution designed to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Elemaster’s production processes are characterized by a high level of flexibility, with batches that can range from a few units to hundreds of thousands of pieces.