Elemaster Group and CAD-UL

A strategic corporate partnership for the future

July 20, 2016, Ulm (Germany), Lomagna (Italy): The Elemaster Group and CAD-UL announce the signature of a corporate agreement, strategic for the future of both companies specialized in the electronic high-tech sector. Through the purchase of the majority share of CAD-UL, Elemaster strengthens its presence in the German-speaking area and CAD-UL gets access to the technologies and know-how of the Italian company, leader on the global market.


Elemaster S.p.A. Tecnologie Elettroniche has purchased the majority share of the German company CAD-UL. With this corporate partnership, both companies, engaged in the design and manufacturing of electronic boards and products for many market sectors, such as transport (railway and avionics), industrial automation, automotive, medical, energy and defense, aim to profit from the mutual expertise and features, improving their efficiency and competitiveness on the market and widening their presence in the German-speaking area.

With the transfer of a majority share of the company to the Elemaster Group, CAD-UL’s founder and owner Reinhard Hertig signals a generational change in the company’s leadership. “Elemaster is the perfect partner for us to be able to continue to grow with care,” explains Hertig. “We will remain flexible and dynamic as we have been in the past, but now we are also able to offer the production of larger batches of the products that we prototype to our customers, and our customers can profit from the technologies and know-how of a company that operates internationally.” This includes, for example, extensive opportunities in the areas of development, qualification and certification of electronic boards and products as well as flexible manufacturing and testing (like the unique platform “Eletest”) at sites worldwide. CAD-UL currently has about 40 employees at its headquarters in Ulm, where the company was founded 32 years ago.

Gabriele Cogliati on the right with Reinhard Hertig of CAD-UL.

“CAD-UL is a company with high-level know-how that boasts an excellent reputation in Germany,” declares Mr. Gabriele Cogliati, President and Managing Director of the Elemaster Group with reference to the closing. “Through the purchase of the majority share of CAD-UL, the Elemaster Group continues its internationalization project. Until now our presence in the German-speaking area was guaranteed by our sales office in the Lake Constance area. Now, through CAD-UL we can also locally supply our customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with project management services and design and manufacturing services, granting major flexibility and fast delivery. CAD-UL, like Elemaster, is a family business and represents the ideal cultural and structural complement to our strategic portfolio.” The Elemaster Group’s objective is to strengthen and continue its successful history. Since its foundation in 1978, Elemaster has increased its revenues year by year, reaching an actual consolidated turnover of € 185 million and a staff of 1,000 employees in its many plants in Europe, U.S.A., China, India and Tunisia.

The companies:


Since 1984 CAD-UL is the ideal partner for the design and manufacturing of high-tech electronic boards and products. Its major customers are in the sectors of avionics and space, defense, railways, industrial automation, medical, automotive, telecommunications and scientific technologies. The company, with headquarters in Ulm, Baden-Wuerttemberg, follows the projects from the design to serial manufacturing. The most important sales area is Germany.


Elemaster Group

The Elemaster Group, with headquarters in Lomagna , Italy, in the northern Milan area near Lake Como, is specialized in the design, industrialization and manufacturing of electronic boards and complete electronic products. Elemaster is the strategic partner for many customers in the sectors of transport and railways, medical, energy, industrial automation and avionics and defense. Elemaster offers services that cover the entire life cycle of a product, from PCB production to design, certification, industrialization, prototyping and manufacturing of electronic boards and products, including logistics and after-sales services. The Elemaster Group’s plants are located in Italy, U.S.A, China, India and Tunisia.