September 29 2021

Palliative care in oncology

Fighting pain with magnetic fields Origins of the project From analog to digital Status of the project  Fighting pain with magnetic fields  Pain certainly represents one of the most terrible consequences of cancer pathologies. Containing and reducing pain is the most important condition to offer sick people a better condition and quality of life. An ethical need to which Elemaster has responded by a project with the aim of […]

September 15 2021

Automate diagnostic processes

A project for the in vitro diagnosis of cancer cellsA machine for lifeHow Do Cells Work?Satisfying results A project for the in vitro diagnosis of cancer cells This content deals with a topic of particular importance from the point of view of diagnostics: the study and testing of a diagnostic device intended for in vitro […]

September 1 2021

Elemaster, technology at the service of health – part two

Diagnosis through imagesLarge monitors, wireless transmissionsPossible future developmentsAchievement of goalsDigital diagnostics for biomedical imaging In this content, we finish the presentation of the Elemaster case history related to the creation of algorithms for the implementation of digital image analysis for diagnostic purposes. As you well remember, the project had reached the clinical trial stage, thanks […]

August 18 2021

Elemaster: technology at the service of health – part one

Elemaster’s great commitment in the electromedical sectorAnalysis of digital images for diagnostic purposesPhase 1: development and experimentationDifficulties and obstacles encounteredFrom laboratory tests to clinical trials It is a pleonasm, particularly in this period, to argue about the importance that science and technology have on human health: the extraordinary lengthening of the average human life and […]

August 4 2021

What is rapid prototyping in electronics

Why is prototyping so important?What are the key factors?What are the processes involved?Product configurationMaterial ProcurementAssemblyFull DFX Feedback Rapid prototyping is the fastest way to verify new designs for a product. Starting from a single board, up to a complete system, making available few samples in a very short time; from technical documentation availability, to standard […]

July 21 2021

Competitiveness: the logic of large volumes applied to niche markets

Competitiveness and safetyVerticalization of processes: integrated processHow does the production verticalization process take place in Elemaster?CertificationsHuman capital and Start-Up Competitiveness and safety It is well known that industrial electronics market is among the most competitive. Indeed, in addition to the usual technical-commercial factors, we must add another aspect: safety. The approach adopted by Elemaster is effective and […]

July 6 2021

Safety electronics

Design and simulation: first step for safetyTechnological Companions: A.R. and A.I.3D Printers for prototypingQuality and speed: two key points of Elemaster approach Safety is an absolute and unavoidable value for Elemaster. Designing and producing for safety is part of its mission and objectives. Security in technology, security in organization and financial security. Customers in the […]

June 17 2021

Electronic waste and Printed Circuit Board recycling technologies

Are Printed Circuit Boards or their manufacturing byproduct a hazardous waste?Printed Circuit Boards, waste management: Recycling commercial resourcesMicrobial technology for metal recovery from e-waste Printed Circuit BoardsWhat percentage of e-waste is recycled